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Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

At Institute of Moving Images, we believe that Screenwriting is filmmaking. Screenwriting is a craft. Talent of creative writing alone is not enough. An understanding of all the technical aspects of filmmaking is the foremost requirement to study and practice Screenwriting.

IMI Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting is an intense 18 Months full time programme with the emphasis on harnessing the writer's original talent in the context of a collaborative filmmaking process and trains them to become professional screenwriter with deep understanding of the craft to write on a range of topics for feature films, documentaries, advertising and television shows.

As a part of a fully integrated programme, IMI Screenwriting students explore the related areas of filmmaking that improve their screenwriting skill and put them in a real-world context. At the outset of the programme, each student writes, shoots and edits a short digital film which eventually gives them the edge in the world of professional screenwriting by providing a balanced overview of creative exploration of script writing and other industry skills.

At the Institute of Moving Images, students are taught the universal principles of story-telling, combined with intensive exposure to different dramaturgical traditions and modern screenwriting principles through classroom lectures, regular workshops, interaction with renowned & prolific screen writers who form our guest faculty.

At IMI, we constantly emphasize on self-discipline and productivity. Through our many student productions during the course in the real filmmaking environment, students learn the working methods and practice of professional screenwriters as a member of a creative team. You write rigorously to meet the fast and furious deadlines, to work alone as well as part of a writing team, and to rewrite effectively. You attend every shoot and see how your own writing is being transformed as screen reality. This on-set experience further enhances students visual storytelling ability.

IMI Advantage

And furthermore, to ensure you are truly prepared to begin screenwriting career professionally, the IMI programme also teaches you the most important aspect of business of screenwriting- how to protect, pitch and market your work, including overview of film industry conventions, copyright, legal & finance aspects.

During the one & half year long course, each Screenwriting student writes an original feature length screenplay, develop treatment for second screenplay adapted from a literary work, one complete proposal for a television programme with one script for pilot episode and complete story-line for 52 episodes, and number of treatments for reality television, short films, commercials, corporate films & documentaries.

Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded an Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting and a show-reel on DVD. Students take away substantial writing portfolio to enter the industry and start professional career as an Associate Writer in feature films or Creative Head in Production houses or in Television channels.

In IMI Screenwriting Advanced Diploma, regular writing is the main thrust and purpose of the programme, exposing students to creative challenges of being writer. Students are constantly encouraged to explore their individuality, discover their own talent for telling stories.

They learn the screen-craft of story telling through lectures, film study classes, class-room discussions and in-depth analysis of successful screenplays, story ideas of varied genre of Indian as well as international cinema.

First Semester

In the first semester, students get an overview of dramatic principles as applied to a distinctively cinematic approach to storytelling. It also encourages a critical evaluation of those principles in relation to the creative process and the development of the original work for the screen.

Workshop on storytelling and film language, characterization, screenwriting and step outlines, development of original ideas for the screen and adapting from another medium are based around practical writing exercises. Our guest faculties who are professional screenwriters discuss their methods of working with practical example of their work.

Students get exposure to different dramaturgical traditions and modern screenwriting principles with overview of film industry conventions, copyright, legal & finance aspects. If your script is selected, IMI Direction students make their final Advanced Diploma film on 35mm film format with trained actors on location.
Admission Criteria

  • Applicant must demonstrate a background of creative ability in the area of fiction writing through a portfolio of written work and/or writing experience for visual arts

  • Graduation preferred

  • Having proficiency in language

  • Visualization skills

  • Having knowledge of contemporary film culture

  • Ambition of a professional career in screenwriting in film industry

  • Wants to join as a Creative Head in a Production house or in Television channels

Collaboration between writers and filmmakers is continuously encouraged through group sessions and posting of projects on the students blog in IMI website.

Term one -
The Screenwriters Craft

The term provides an introductory and theoretical framework for the practical work with the emphasis on the writer's personal development. Students are instructed on the necessary elements and conventions of screenplay writing, establishing a foundation for all future writing.

Classes on Film History and Culture help students to gain a perspective on development of writing for the screen from classic film to current trends.

Topics include Film Style; Film Criticism and Cinema-going practice; entertainment industry organization; and other topics in the culture of film.

Simultaneously, students learn film grammar & practice the different technical aspects of filmmaking process. They write, shoot and edit a digital film which helps them to explore the related areas of filmmaking that eventually improve their screenwriting skill and put them in a real-world context.

Students are required to write number of treatments for reality television, commercials, corporate films & documentaries for immediate production by IMI Filmmaking Students.

Term Two -
Short Film Writing & Feature Film Preparation

In the first half of the term, students explore the Short film format in depth. You learn early on in the course that in the film business "writing is rewriting" and all to the fast and furious deadlines, delivering final draft of a 8-10 minute film to be submitted for selection with the Advanced Diploma Direction student for their first semester production.

Writing craft classes run continuously throughout the semester and are designed to teach the key skills required for screenwriting.

The topics include Classic screenplay structure, Developing the characters, Character arcs, Dialogue, Writing the visual Image, Introduction to final draft, Theme, Text and Subtext, Conflict, Climax and Resolution, and Beats of the Scene. Screenplay formatting is the main focus and students learn how to write scene descriptions, describe characters & locations, and develop action sequence.

Students research and prepare treatment and synopsis for their first feature project. This will include creating concept for screenplay, flesh out characters and organize their story structure.

In small group sessions, students discuss their work in public arena and get feedback. The sessions are informal but extremely useful in teaching you to express yourself regarding your work or communicate your ideas effectively to others.

This prepares you to welcome criticism and interpret them to improve your screenwriting skill.

More details of Second & Third Semester Curriculum of Screenwriting

Students at IMI
I came into the course as a writer. But having learnt the other aspects of filmmaking during the program, I have come to love directing and editing equally. Filmmaking is supremely addictive passion and I am grateful to IMI to have addicted me. IMI has woken up a sleeping giant inside me. All of you will hear of me in the years to come. IMI is recommended highly for budding raw filmmakers.
Nachiket Samant,

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