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Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

Best Producers are creative entrepreneurs

No one is more powerful in the film industry today than the Producer. The Producers have the duty and privilege of managing filmmaking decisions from conception to presentation.

Filmmaking is a collaborative art built on real dialogue between creative partners and for this reason, the Producer's job require a very sensitive, effective, creative and collaborative management of priorities.

The Producers are deeply involved in all the stages of filmmaking; from an idea to the distribution of a finished film; they obtain copyrights for a intellectual property, hire script writers, employ a crew, cast and director, handle all the complex decision of film business including finance, negotiating contracts, film distribution and marketing strategies.

IMI Advantage

IMI Advanced Diploma in Production is an intensive and demanding programme like the job of producing itself. Here students are treated as producers throughout the duration of the course and come face to face with real life challenges of film production as they get hands-on experience producing series of their own projects.

At the Institute of Moving Images, all the diploma students are required to make at least 12 projects in one & half year. For that, each film unit is provided with resources for production of student films and it is Production students responsibility to help keep things on track as being Producers of these films.

As a Producer, you will need to create production environments that enhance director's skills and provide the support they need to make the best possible film or television show. At IMI, in the first semester itself, students learn the fundamental of filmmaking and develop the creative insight they need as Producers through classes in Screen writing, Direction and Editing. You will learn about using camera and working with actors. Each student writes, shoots and edits short project in order to understand the creative process of film production and how directors carry out their vision.

Subsequently, IMI faculty who are industry professionals teach students the essential detail of Production Management- preparation, script breakdown, pitching, talent search, realistic scheduling & budgeting, contingency planning, resource & unit management and tasks that will be undertaken in the Production Department under the supervision of First Assistant Director and Continuity Assistant.
Who Should Apply

  • Strong ambition to produce own film & TV show

  • Must be prepared for full-days of intensive work

  • Can committee to fast paced, intensive learning

  • Collaborative and articulate in nature

  • Must have ability to enroll people diplomatically

  • Can deliver the logistic & creative demands of profession

  • Having knowledge of contemporary film culture

  • Desirous of starting own Production Company

  • Looking for placement in Film & Television industry as Line / Executive Producer

All our Production students learn essential organizational skills on day to day basis when they are exposed to the entire process of resource acquisition & logistic management.

They gain first hand experience finding right talent or dealing with local authorities to obtain city permits for location shoots or arranging transportation requirements for crew & equipment or handling all production and post-production paper work to ensure that all the elements are in line to meet the requirement of the shoot. Thus, students learn to make the real-world strategies and same time have opportunities to develop the industry contacts needed for successful production of a film or television programme.

In addition, Production students at IMI also study the basics of entertainment law- copyrights act, terms of various financing agreements, employment contracts, production & distribution agreements, underlying literary acquisitions and negative mortgage deal.

Throughout the course, there is a regular Industry Speaker Series which features producers as well as directors, distributors, trade analysts, lawyers, production heads of TV channels to share their first hand experience and "do & don'ts" of entertainment business. These sessions are coupled with screening of their films or television shows.

By the end of three semesters, students master the art of pitching and acquire the skill to write a business and marketing plan, including potential sources of financing & distribution, a budget along with detail production schedule, potential cast, revenue projections and marketing tactics for a feature film project.

They produce their final Advanced Diploma film project of 15-20 minute duration, using 35mm 4K Arri Alexa Camera and edit on FCP X with professional actors on location, and directed by IMI Direction students. Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded an Advanced Diploma in Production and a show-reel on DVD.

Since the demand for competent production personnel in the Indian Film & Television industry far outstrips supply, IMI students upon successfully completing this intensive training programme will hold a considerable advantage in the profession.

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Students at IMI
I think the Institute of Moving Images is the only film school in India that gives such a high level of understanding and in-depth knowledge on business of Film Production at such an affordable fee. It has been a tremendous journey and eye opener for me. One of the best courses I have ever done, just loved it. Now I am working in the industry and getting ready to make my own feature film.
Amit Kataria,B.E
Line Producer,
Anil Kapoor Productions

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