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Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

Course Duration: 18 Months Full Time including 3 months Internship

Class Timing: The classes are held Five days a week
10AM to 5PM - Classroom instructions & Screening

Students are expected to work additional hours daily, outside the normal teaching hours including on weekends for on-location shooting or editing exercise.

Institute of Moving Images full time specialization program is a vocational course based on the philosophy that 18 Months of concentrated production work combined with industry led theory is more valuable than three years of purely theoretical instruction.

We believe that students provide the talent; we provide the instruction, equipment and structure. It is student's drive and creative ability that carries them forward. We encourage them to explore various ways of exploring an idea or a thought through moving images. This is why at the Institute of Moving Images, we push through so many productions and why students have more opportunities to work on film exercises than they can realistically take up during one and half year of their training with us, working on same equipment, computers and software that are currently used in the entertainment world.

The intensive nature of our One & Half Year of Advanced Diploma course demands 100% of your time and commitment. In 18 months or less, students receive a rigorous and comprehensive education including lectures, tutorials, productions, collaboration with other departments, mentorship with working professionals, insight from guest speakers and first hand industry experiences. Unlike university and college education, here is no such thing as "down time" during a year at IMI. Our each semester, each term, each week, each day is filled with excitement. From the first day of class, students are behind the camera, learning by doing.

IMI Advanced Diploma courses are structured into three semesters

Before making any choice for a particular specialization, students receive artistic and craft skills of each element of filmmaking through an integrated approach which combines theoretical concepts with hands-on filmmaking experience. In the first semester, they learn a number of disciplines that help them to decide personally which area is best suited for them as they get introduced to a broader perspective of the entire filmmaking process while working in different roles as a crew member on production of close to 15 short films, out of which 4 are independent projects.

Their work is constantly assessed critically by our faculty who are industry professionals, moving back and forth from their movie sets to our classrooms. They unload their brains on the art of screenwriting, cinematography, directing, editing, producing, production design, sound design and anything else they might think is important. The student applies the experience gained through constructive discussion with them in their next project and the learning process continues.

This is in parallel and intersecting with the classes and workshops which cover:

  • Film theory
  • Behavioral Science
  • Overview of 35mm SLR still cameras
  • The art and craft of screenwriting
  • Production skills including production management
  • Politics, Society & Cinema
  • History of Culture
  • Production Designing
  • The technical & creative aspects of Cinematography
  • Make up for Film & TV
  • Directing Drama / Documentary
  • Sound Recording
  • Editing
  • Music
  • Screen studies: Film History & Director strategies
  • An overview of filmmaking industry including Distribution, Finance, Copyright & Legal aspects

On completion of the first semester, students move on to do the concentrated specialization in their selected discipline and in next six month- their aesthetic, technical and craft skills are further honed in the area of their chosen craft:

Each student finish working on close to 30 short films as crew members & independently makes close to 12 films projects. Final Diploma film will be on 35mm 4K Arri Alexa in key roles as Director / Screenwriter / Producer / Cinematographer / Editor.
Unique Features of IMI Diploma

  • 18 Months of intensive course

  • Full-time: Total 1200 hrs. of Tuitions

  • Specialization in Direction or Screenwriting or Producing or Cinematography or Editing

  • Practical training by industry professionals in all key discipline of Filmmaking process

  • Excellent tutor-student ratio

  • Average 15 students in each discipline

  • Average age early 20s

  • Tutor are experienced professionals, currently working in the Film & TV industry

  • Classroom instructions & Screenings in evening

  • On location shooting or editing exercise

  • Each student independently makes close to 12 films projects

  • Students perform all key roles while crewing in 30 other films

  • Training on Sony Full HD PXW-FS7 Super 35 Camera, 4K Arri Alexa XT Studio Camera & 5K RED Epic

  • Editing experience on non linear AVID Xpress Pro & Final Cut ProX

  • Professional assessment and feedback

  • Three months Internship with industry contacts

  • Each student makes their final Diploma project on 35mm 4K Arri Alexa Camera Film in Key role (Director / Cameraman / Editor / Producer / ScriptWriter)

  • Graduation screenings and showcases to invited guest

  • An Advanced Diploma & demo-reel of final film are awarded

  • Selected students films sent to festivals & competitions

  • Financial & time commitment to gain excellent standard of professional film training

  • Recommended for those who want to kick start a full time independent career in Film & TV industry

  • Students also gain fast track entry in senior positions in creative or technical team of Television Channels

In second semester, the film exercises become more technically sophisticated, more considered and more complex in their ambitions. The Institute specifies the skill base for each exercise and trains the students up to the new levels in each of various craft skills. Students take all the aesthetic decisions, solving problems similar to those faced by professional units, on a steeply increasing slope of difficulty. The films are made under same strict time constraints, students will encounter in the professional world and thus, teaching them discipline and efficiency of the real world of filmmaking.

By the end of third semester, students finish working on close to 30 short films, 12 of which are independent projects.

All our student films are shot on actual locations. The equipment which our Advanced Diploma program student uses are comparable to that of the leading Film Schools in India provide for the production of their student films. Each student gains a thorough proficiency with different camera types including Sony Full HD PXW-FS7 Super 35 Camera, 4k Arri Alexa XT Studio & 5k RED Epic and editing experience on non linear on Avid Xpress as well as Final Cut Pro. The final Diploma films are made on 35mm 4k Arri Alexa cameras and post production on Final Cut Pro.

As an integrated part of our Advanced Diploma program, in addition to a regular classroom interactive session with noted directors and celebrity film technicians, students are also required to complete a separate internship program designed to endow them with real world skills, experience within the industry, team work, business and industry etiquette which are essential commodities for the up-coming filmmakers of tomorrow.

At the conclusion of the course, student's final diploma films are celebrated in the IMI screening- open to Press, crew, friends and family. Students retain the copy of their finished film on DVD to include in their demo reel- the ultimate calling cards. Upon successful completion of the program, each student receives an Advanced Diploma in accordance with industry expectations.

The IMI Advanced Diploma course is recommended for those who want to kick start a full time independent career in Film & TV industry. Students also gain fast track entry in senior positions in creative or technical team of Television Channels.

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Students at IMI
The film assignments at IMI will impact you, one way or other- either it will expose you to the tough challenges of filmmaking process and bog you down, force you to think over your previously held belief on cinema and introspect whether you want to take the efforts or make you delve into the depths of cinema and shape you as a complete filmmaker. Faculty is both inspiring and practical in their approach to Filmmaking. I guess it comes from their years of experience in movie making.
Prateek Tiwari,
Script writer

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