Institute of Moving images - the Film School
Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

We are primarily interested in your creativity, intellectual and people skill.
For Advanced Diploma & Diploma Courses

Click on the Download Application Form to download the prescribed Application Form for Admission in IMI full-time Advanced Diploma or Diploma Programs and submit it to us by post/courier along with supporting attachments as listed below:
  • Fully completed Application Form for Admission
  • Two passport size photos
  • A Self attested photocopy of College Degree / School Certificates
  • A photocopy of the transaction slip for payment of non- refundable Registration Fees of Rs.2,500/- in favour of "Institute of Moving Images" through IMI online payment gateway or NEFT
  • A photocopy of the Online Registration Notification
  • Provide letters of recommendation from two eminent persons, unrelated to you, who know you.
  • Response to following aptitude test questions as listed below as well as on the Application Form. (Without the following attachments, you application cannot be processed)
1. Statement of Purpose
Please tell us in one page:
(a) About yourself, how you view yourself and how others view you,
(b) About your creative influences,
(c) Why you wish to study film and
(d) How you think you will use your experience at IMI towards your
     future goals.

2. Essay
Any two of the followings:
(a) Which literature would you like to interpret for big screen and why?
(b) Of all the celebrated filmmakers, whose style would you most like to emulate?
(c) Write a proposal for a short film you would like to produce (it need not be the film you make in IMI).
     Describe the story line, the cast and other creative elements in the production of the film.
(d) List 3 ideas for documentary films, what the films would be about & the questions films would address.
     (Must for Certificate course in Documentary film making applicants)

3. Creative Portfolio
Please submit any one of the followings as a sample of what you believe to be the best example of your creative work:
(a) Present any story in series of still photos
(b) A DVD / Web link to a short film you have made
(c) A short story or Script or photography portfolio or published article
(d) A project you have done that reflects your interest in filmmaking/theatre/writing/painting/
(e) Evidence of your creative ability in Fiction Writing
     (Must for Diploma in screen writing applicants)

Application materials are not returned. Audio-visual materials should preferably be submitted on DVD / CD formats.

To avoid disappointment as seats fill up quickly, Applicants are advised to register online before mailing their application form. This helps applicants to get enough time to prepare their creative profile and other supporting materials which they can physically send later by post/courier.

For Short Term Certificate Program

Applicants can directly apply for admission in IMI Short Term Filmmaking Foundation Certificate Course by clicking on Register Online:

  • No need to submit any application form physically.

  • No registration fee, no documents required.

  • While filling the online application, along with your personal details, you must write the statement of purpose as listed below:

    (Please write online in brief)
    (a) About yourself, how you view yourself & how others view you,
    (b) About your creative influences,
    (c) Why you wish to study film and
    (d) How you think you will use your experience at IMI towards
         your future goals?

Students at IMI
The film assignments at IMI will impact you, one way or other- either it will expose you to the tough challenges of filmmaking process and bog you down, force you to think over your previously held belief on cinema and introspect whether you want to take the efforts or make you delve into the depths of cinema and shape you as a complete filmmaker. Faculty is both inspiring and practical in their approach to Filmmaking. I guess it comes from their years of experience in movie making.
Prateek Tiwari,
Script writer

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