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Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

We want to build your career, not your debt.

Despite market forces, we continue to maintain our founding principle of affordable film training for all that is of a high standard and relevant to today's Film & Television Industry.

One important and distinctive factor is that there are no financial surprises at IMI.

How does IMI calculate the price of your tuition?

All the basic materials you require to complete your education are included in the annual fees of Advanced Diploma and Diploma Programs, which include the cost of tuition, workshops, practical demonstrations, classroom exercises, study materials, membership to film/text library, computer and internet access.

The fees for the Advanced Diploma & Diploma Programs also include available equipment & post production facilities at the campus, you will require for all the films which you will make as a part of all your curriculum and as well as your final Advanced Diploma/Diploma film. However, all students are expected to have own laptop and DSLR camera to do their homework.

All amounts are listed in Indian Rupees, exclusive of Government taxes. The same charges are payable by both Indian & International students.

Fees for Long Term Courses

Advanced Diploma:
Film Direction/Cinematography/Film Editing/Screenwriting/Producing
(Total fee for 18 Months Full Time Program)
Rs. 4,65,000
Admission Fee 69,000
1st Semester
    DVD/Blu-ray films & book Library Fee
    Equipment Fee
2nd Semester
    DVD/Blu-ray films & book Library Fee
    Equipment Fee
3rd Semester
    DVD/Blu-ray films & book Library Fee
    Equipment Fee



Tuition Fees: Per Month Rs. 11,000/- x 18 Months 1,98,000

Fiction Filmmaking for Television / Documentary Filmmaking
(Total fee for One Year Full Time Program)
Rs. 2,95,000
Admission Fee 59,000
1st Semester
    DVD/Blu-ray films & book Library Fee
    Equipment Fee
2nd Semester
    DVD/Blu-ray films & book Library Fee
    Equipment Fee


Tuition Fees: Per Month Rs. 11,000/- x 12 Months 1,32,000

All students, who get enrolled in Advanced Diploma or Diploma courses at IMI are required to deposit a sum of Rs.35,000/- in cash in favor of Institute of Moving Images towards interest free & refundable security deposit for equipment, which will only be adjusted in case of any damage charges which students may liable to pay.

Upon selection, the concerned student is expected to pay the Admission Fee within a week after the receipt of the Admission Notification. Any delay in paying the fees within stipluated period will result in the seat being alloted to the next waitlisted candidate.

Fees for Short Term Course

The cost of tuition, practical demonstrations, classroom exercises with professional camera & editing equipments for hand-on experience and study materials you require to complete your education are included in the fees of IMI Short-term Certificate Program.

During the course, students are advised to make their exercise films without incurring any additional expenses and are encouraged to pool in their resources to arrange any production needs for their projects.

Short Term Certificate
Filmmaking Foundation
(Total fee for Two Months Weekend, 12 Sessions)
Rs. 28,200
Admission Fee 4,200
Tuition Fee 24,000

On completion of the certificate program, all students are expected to produce their final film with their own resources and for that; all necessary equipments can be availed from IMI facilities at concession rates. Membership to Film & Text Library at IMI is also available on separate payment of yearly membership fees.

Fee Payment Policy at IMI

For Short Term Certificate Course

  • The entire fee for IMI Filmmaking Foundation Program is payable on receipt of Admission Notification after you register online and it is NON-REFUNDABLE.

For Advanced Diploma & Diploma Courses

  • The admission fee is payable with 7 working days of acceptance into the Institute of Moving Images programs, failing which the seat will be allotted to next wait listed candidate.

  • The 'Admission Fee' is treated as an acceptance payment and it is NON-REFUNDABLE, although it can be carried forward to next intake for a maximum of 3 intakes, subject to management approval.

  • Once a semester has commenced, the fees for that semester are non-refundable. Any fees paid in advance for future semester can be refunded, along with any security deposit, should a student leave his/her course mid-term.

  • If a student changes specialization mid-course, any fee difference for the semester already completed must be paid before commencement of the next term.

  • For Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses, an interest free security deposit of Rs. 35,000/- in cash is payable along with first month tuition fee and same will be refunded on course completion or withdrawal, subject to any deduction.

  • The monthly fee is payable by 5th day of every month. All other fee components i.e., Equipment/Library Fee are payable on the first day of each Semester for Advanced Diploma and Diploma students.

  • Late payment of tuition fee will attract a penalty of Rs.250/- each day and thereof. Excessively delayed fee payments may cause for cancellation of admission.

  • Non-Indian students who cannot make payment in INR may make alternate arrangements with the accounts department.

  • Institute of Moving Images reserves the right to terminate the studies of, and exclude from the institute, anyone it considers unsuitable to continue with the course.

If you have any questions regarding our programs or admission process, the answers to which are available on FAQs page.

However, if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Students at IMI
After finishing the course I was wondering how to begin in the industry. But soon I got a call from IMI Job Services regarding an opening at Balaji Telefilms for 'Kasam se' serial as an Executive Producer. I never liked television serials specially Balaji types, but I joined them & had good experience working there. After a month's work I switched to my first love- cinema and joined as an Assistant director for film ' Aladin '. It was like dream coming true- working with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mr. Sanjay Dutt & Reitesh Deshmukh. It was almost like a hollywood project with lots of special effects and working with technicians who worked on Harry Potter series, Hulk and many other FX laden Films. The practical knowledge we had got during our training at Institute of Moving Images came very handy. I worked confidently even in a big set up as I was aware of all the technical know-how a filmmaker needs to realize his creative imaginations. I still read the notes provided by IMI. After 'Aladin', I immediately got my 2nd project 'Lamhaa' directed by Rahul Dholakia, starring Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu & Kunal Kapoor. Now working on a third project. I am really on cloud nine and planning to start my own project soon.
Abhijit Saha,
Assistant Director

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