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On scrutiny of your online application, if we find your expectation matches our course objectives, you will be intimated for being considered for admission in IMI Filmmaking Foundation Program; and will also be allotted a Admission Notification number by email.

On receipt of a Notification of Admission from our office, you should pay the full fees through NEFT / IMI Online Payment Gateway.

Please also send us an SMS on (+91) 9833032695 as soon as you make a banking transaction for payment of your fees.

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APPLYING FOR FILMMAKING FOUNDATION CERTIFICATE (Please tick course location & start date)

Two Months Weekend Batches near your city
(Saturdays & Sundays/ 3pm to 8pm/ 12 Sessions)

■ Bangalore 28th Jan, 2018
■ Pune 3rd Feb, 2018
■ Mumbai 26th Jan, 2018
■ Cinematography: Master Class 26th Jan, 2018
■ Ahmedabad 18th Feb, 2018
■ New Delhi 1st Apr, 2018
■ Hyderabad 11th Mar, 2018

Two Months Weekend Batches at IMI Campus, Pune
(Saturdays & Sundays/ 3pm to 8pm/ 12 Sessions)

■ Pune 3rd Feb, 2018

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Students at IMI
Frankly speaking I had not expected so much. Till one and half month back, I used to wonder how a person can learn movie making in such a short time. But I myself have made three short films at the Institute of Moving Images. It was a great learning experience. The course content is beautifully designed. I have got confidence to experiment further with my camera. I am working on my fourth film now.
Mukesh Sharma,
Design Engineer

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