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About IMI

Institute of Moving Images is committed to crafting an active, rich and exciting atmosphere where our faculty of high profile working professionals from the Film & TV industry teaches students how to succeed in this competitive field since they know better how the entertainment industry works.

They bring the real-world experience you rarely find in tenures academicians, who are just too far removed from the real world to help emerging artistes to succeed. In many programs, courses are scheduled around faculty members who are working on major productions during the day. Sometime, they come to the class straight from their movie set. They share their expert knowledge and technique to help prepare you in the art of screenwriting, cinematography, directing, editing, producing, production design, sound design and anything else they might think is important.

The combination of non-stop collaborative work, diverse experiences and shared passion for film make our programs & workshops intensely enriching, exciting and rewarding creative experience you will ever have.

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Prof. Samar Nakhate
Former Dean of Film & Television Institute of India.

Prof. Nakhate has deep interest in the visual arts and the philosophy of science & cultures. He is passionately involved in nurturing and creating new young professionals for film, television and theatre. He has designed syllabus and academic content for various film and television courses including Direction, Production, Scriptwriting and Film Appreciation for FTII, Pune as well as Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, kolkata. He is also a member of the Selection Committee, Pune International Film Festival.

Prof. Nakhate holds post graduate Diploma in Cinema and Film Direction from FTII, Pune and advance training in Video Programming and Production, Boston University (USA) and was awarded the Fullbright Scholarship for the same.

At Institute of Moving Images, Prof. Samar Nakhate teaches Direction & Screenwriting to its Advanced Diploma & Diploma students.

At IMI, we also believe that Film-making is one of the most team intensive industries around. If you can't communicate, cooperate and lead, you're certainly going to struggle in film making where you need everyone around you. Collaboration is crucial to filmmaking, and in keeping with this, students' creative abilities are mobilized and developed by multiple approaches.

A broad spectrum of guest lecturers and speakers from a variety of backgrounds not only provides students the opportunity to round out their education in cinema, it also exposes students to academics and specialists from diverse fields. In addition to a regular interactive session with noted filmmakers, students are offered an environment for in-depth aesthetic development in order to foster their overall intellectual growth by Sociologists, Economist, Human Right Activists, Psychologists, Advertising Professionals, Copyright Lawyers, Management Experts, Theatre Activists, Painters, Writers and Musicians.

Students at IMI
The film assignments at IMI will impact you, one way or other- either it will expose you to the tough challenges of filmmaking process and bog you down, force you to think over your previously held belief on cinema and introspect whether you want to take the efforts or make you delve into the depths of cinema and shape you as a complete filmmaker. Faculty is both inspiring and practical in their approach to Filmmaking. I guess it comes from their years of experience in movie making.
Prateek Tiwari,
Script Writer

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