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At the Institute of Moving Images, we believe the best way to learn filmmaking is by actually making films. And it starts from first week itself. By the time our students graduate, they make more films in one year than many film students make in three.

These selected films of our students are made at various stages of their film studies at the Institute of Moving Images. All these are essentially their exercise films, mostly shot on DV/HDV format with crew comprising their batch mates only.

Even a quick preview of these films show there is a superabundance of our students' accomplishment. But we don't lay claim to their achievements. We have only played our role to provide them a fertile environment and creative freedom to develop their skills, attitude & confidence to take their first step into the world of film making.

Please click on the image to watch the film.

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Dir: Dinjith Ayyathan
Duration: 2.19 Minut
Comedy/DV/ Only Music
Single shot Exercise/ Second Week

A comic tale of a man caught in the whirlpool of amnesia.
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Dir: Rihaan Patel
Duration: 5.07 Minut
Camera Exercise/ First Term

The film highlights the plight of female child in India. Since centuries brutality continues; only techniques have changed in modern India.
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Dir: Samir Patil
Duration: 19:17
Drama Exercise/ Second Term

Raghu plays a bet of spending a night at a haunted haveli. Where everything seems to be normal until a message pops up. Is it his mind or something beyond our understanding?
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Dir: Bhaish Kapoor
Duration: 4.13 Minut
Dialogue Exercise/ Second Term

Good or bad, there is no respite from the cycle of Karma. Some learn it hard way.
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Dir: Pankaj Roy
Duration: 4.13 Minut
Music Video/Digi Beta/Bangla
Editing Exercise/ Third Term

Don't quit, when you are hardest hit. In the time of recession, beat the stress musical way.
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Dir: Tausif Patel
Duration: 7.49 Minut
Drama/HDV/Only Music
Camera Exercise/ Second Term

A brief encounter at a railway station could have been romantic, if arrogance, would not have played spoil sport
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Dir: Paren Adhyaru
Duration: 0.41 Minut
Single Shot Exercise/ Second week

A compassionate appeal to humanity.
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Dir: Aneil Deepak
Duration: 3.31 Minut
Documentary/HDV/Only Music
Observational Film Exercise/ Fourth Week

An eminent Kathakali dancer gets ready before his performance. A colourful montage of expressions.
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Dir: Rangesh Sharma
Duration: 7.30 Minut
Drama Exercise/ Second Term

The chill goes down the spine, when fear of the unknown desperately tries to cling to the known.
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Dir: Snehal Deshpande
Duration: 1.34 Minut
Continuity Exercise/ Sixth Week

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Dir: Raj Singh
Duration: 14.02 Minu
Drama Exercise/ First Semester

The film is about how two families from different walks of life perceive success.
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Dir: Vishal Jani
Duration: 3.14 Minut
Drama/DV/Only Music
Observational Film Exercise/ First Term

Celebrate life anyway; So what if there is no one to cheer for you.
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Dir: Shourik Datta
Duration: 36 Minutes
Drama Exercise/ Second Term

An intimate story of a young woman's tryst, trial & tribulation with her past, her guilt and her redemption.

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Students at IMI
Cinema has always been magic for me and I always wanted to know how they do it. In pursuit of which, I learnt animation, but was still trying to figure out the way to make my own film. Then I came to know about IMI from a friend. I joined in, mentally prepared that it won't be of 'real help'. But that was not the outcome. IMI helped me understand the very structural aspects of filmmaking, which I thought I knew. I knew camera, but not the shots. I knew editing-software but not the editing principles. I knew the script but not scene detailing/shot division /continuity. Now I'm not disappointed why I could not make my earlier film; as it would have been half baked cookie. Thanks to IMI, today I'm a professional working in the industry's top notch production house.
Rangesh Sharma,
Assistant Director