Institute of Moving images - the Film School
Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

The Institute of Moving Images offers a huge creative challenge to any artist. It forces you- the next generation of talent to be self critical, hard working and ambitious in 8 world class programs, spanning from 18 Months full time Specialization to One Year Diploma courses to Short term Certificate Program in Filmmaking Foundation:

18 Months Advanced Diploma
Film Direction/Cinematography/
Film Editing/Screenwriting/Producing/
One Year Diploma
Filmmaking: Fiction for Television /
Documentary Filmmaking
Short Term Certificate
Foundation in Filmmaking

Unique features of the Program Unique features of the Program Unique features of the Program
  • 18 Months of full-time intensive course

  • Total 1600 hrs. of Tuitions

  • Specialization in Film Direction or Cinematography or Film Editing or Screenwriting or Producing

  • Practical training by industry professionals in all key discipline of Filmmaking process

  • Admission is purely on basis of merit

  • Excellent tutor-student ratio

  • Average 15 students in each discipline

  • Average age early 20s

  • Tutor are experienced professionals, currently working in the Film & TV industry

  • Classroom instructions & Screenings

  • On location shooting or editing exercise

  • Each student independently makes close to 12 films projects

  • Students perform all key roles while crewing in 30 other films

  • Training on Sony Full HD PXW-FS7 Super 35 Camera, 4K Arri Alexa XT Studio Camera and 5K RED Epic.

  • Editing experience on non linear AVID Media Composer & FCP X

  • Professional assessment and feedback

  • Three months Internship with industry contacts

  • Each student makes their final Diploma film on 35mm Arri 4K Alexa Camera in Key-role (Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Producer / Screenwriter)

  • Graduation screenings and showcases to invited guest

  • An Advanced Diploma & demo-reel of final film are awarded

  • Selected students films sent to festivals & competitions

  • Financial & time commitment to gain excellent standard of professional film training

  • Recommended for those who want to kick start a full time independent career in Film & TV industry

  • Students also gain fast track entry in Senior positions in creative or technical team of Television Channels

  • One Year full-time intensive course

  • Total 1100 hrs of tuition

  • Vocational multi-disciplinary course

  • Specialization in narrative Fiction Filmmaking for Television

  • Documentary Diploma program should appeal to creatively vigilant and social minded

  • Comprehensive & rigorous education

  • Fast paced, intensive learning

  • Small group with excellent tutor-student ratio

  • Average 15 students

  • No prior experience of filmmaking required

  • Practical training by industry professionals in all key discipline of Filmmaking process

  • Each student independently makes close to 8 film projects and perform all key roles while crewing in 20 other films

  • Training on broadcast level Canon C500 Camera and Sony Full HD PXW-FS7 Super 35 Camera & Documentary with Sony HD Camcorder

  • Editing experience on non linear AVID Media Composer

  • Professional assessment and feedback

  • The final Diploma film on Sony broadcast level Sony PMW-300 camera and Documentary on HD Camcorder. Post production on Final Cut Pro

  • On successful completion of course, a Diploma and demo-reel of final film are awarded

  • Selected films/documentaries submitted to festivals

  • Work experience opportunities on IMI Advanced Diploma films

  • Students gain fast track entry for Assistants jobs in the Television industry

  • Builds a strong foundation for working way up in the Film & TV industry

  • Opening in TV channels for Fiction Filmmaking students

  • Documentary students start full time independent career or can join News Channels as assistant producer

  • Part-time, Short course offers Foundation skills

  • Two months of intensive, weekend, evening course for working professionals or students who have other time commitments

  • 12 Sessions / Saturdays & Sundays: 3pm to 8pm

  • Recommended for those curious to know working behind camera or want to test self aptitude

  • Average 20 students

  • Admission open for all. No previous experience of film making required

  • Get the skills to start making your own films

  • Students write, shoot and edit 4 short films under professional guidance

  • Final project of 15-20 minutes on broadcast level Full HD Camera and post production on Avid Media Composer

  • Feedback and informal screening of completed work

  • Certificate and DVD show reel on successful completion of course

  • Can make contacts with like-minded professionals who can team for future shoots

  • Provides sound basis for going on to further education in filmmaking

  • Great overview for those considering serious move into entertainment industry

  • Students gain entry level job in Production house/TV Channels

  • Provides creative and collaborative skills that can be useful in any vocation

Students at IMI
I was so lucky to get admission in IMI, as I found it the best school for beginners who want to make a mark in the film industry. It is because of IMI, I could join the Rajshri Productions as an assistant director. Today if I am able to have Mr. Rajkumar Barjatya's faith in me and able to work confidently, all credit must go to IMI's easy to understand and practical approach in imparting professional training in filmmaking which comes handy in day to day professional world.
Puneet Gupta,
Assistant Director,
Rajshri Productions

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