Institute of Moving images - the Film School
Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

The curriculum gives complete
theoretical insights as well as
hands-on practical experiences
to the students.

Day - 7
The setting up the shots

  • Directing a scene: A classroom exercise
  • How to maintain optimum creativity in difficult shooting circumstances
  • Importance of Homework - a day before actual shooting
  • Setting up the Scene
  • Method in madness
  • Communication with team for physical preparation of each shot
  • Dialogue run-through
  • Drill to shoot
  • Cinematic Devices to divide a Scene into various Shots
  • Screening of a French Film directed by the
  • Master of World Cinema

Write Shot division and technical description of any four scenes of a classic from World cinema (Student Exercise)

Day - 8
Visual Continuity-I

(Professional Assessment of the Shot descriptions written by each participant)

  • Reel reality: an illusion
  • What communicates the essence of a Script
  • Understanding the way audience reads images on screen
  • How to maintain visual continuity while creating an illusion
  • Continuity in Direction of movement

Day - 9
Visual Continuity-II

(Professional Assessment of the Shot descriptions written by each participant)

  • Effect of crossing Centre-Line/Imaginary Line
  • Position continuity in Two Shot situation
  • Continuity in Three Shot situation
  • Eye Line continuity
  • Continuity in Moving Vehicle
  • Cinematic devises to create Continuity of Time
  • Screening of new wave Italian Cinema

The production of a 5 minute long Continuity film by each participant (Student Exercise)

Day - 10/Morning Session
Lens and Composition

  • Type of lenses & their effect on Screen
  • Use of Block and Tele Lenses
  • Light & apertures
  • Depth of field & pulling Focus
  • Comparison in Cinema & Television photography

Post Lunch
Start Sound/Camera/Action

  • Classroom Practical: Shooting a Scene under professional guidance
  • Handling professional Camera & Sound equipments by each participant
  • Aesthetics of Camera operations
  • Recording of Sound in noisy locations

Day - 11
The Principle of Editing

(Professional Assessment of the Continuity film made by each participant)

  • Who edits a Film
  • Psychological justification of editing
  • Editor: An artist or mere technician
  • Constructing a lucid continuity
  • Track Laying: Creative use of Dialogue/Sound Effects & Music
  • Re-mixing: Dramatic blending of all audio tracks
  • Screening of a Foreign language film

The production of a short film of 15-20 of duration, using professional crew & equipments, based on the Script prepared by each participant groups and with their own expenses (Student Exercise)

Day - 12
Festival of Movies

  • The Screening of films produced by each participant groups for their invited guests
  • Awarding the Certificates to successful participants

IMI short-term Film Foundation program imparts theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the craft of filmmaking and familiarizes you with all the aesthetic aspects to appreciate cinema as an art form. It essentially enables you with expertise to make own low cost short films.

More specifically, here you will be taken through the entire process of filmmaking. You will acquire and apply knowledge in script writing, production designing, shot division, directing & post production while making series of four exercise films independently and also assisting others in their productions. Your work will be assessed critically in the class by our faculty who are industry professionals.

The students apply the experience gained through constructive discussion with them in their next exercise and the learning process continues.

The combination of non-stop collaborative work, diverse experiences and shared passion for cinema, makes IMI Filmmaking Foundation workshop intensely enriching, exciting and rewarding creative experience, you can ever have.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, students make their final film of 8-10 minutes duration on HDV camera and post production on Avid Xpress. Students receive a certificate and DVD show reel of all their films at the Institute.

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Students at IMI
IMI Filmmaking Foundation is very intensive and I should have done it in my college days. The course has reduced the fear of the unknown and opened up an opportunity to explore the craft of filmmaking. It is now more understandable. The experience of four short films, which I made here are helping me immensely in conceptualizing the commercials for my clients.
Loy Gonsalves,
CEO, Advertising Agency

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