Institute of Moving images - the Film School
Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

Learn the craft of Filmmaking by
doing practical from day one.

Write, shoot & edit own short films under
profesional guidance in two
months of weekend evening batch.

Day - 1
The Director's Role

  • Introduction of Participants
  • Creative Process in Film-making
  • Cinema as Collaborative art form
  • Role of a Director
  • The place of technique
  • Images for an idea
  • Screening of films produced by the ex-students of IMI Filmmaking Foundation program

The selection of an idea & its images for one minute, Mise-en-scene/single shot film to be produced by each participant (Student Exercise)

Day - 2
Understanding of Camera as a tool

(Professional Assessment of subjects chosen by participants for their first film)

  • Ten commandments to be a Film-maker
  • The Placement of Camera
  • How to make Dynamic shots
  • Selection of Viewpoint to heighten the drama
  • Significance of different Camera angles
  • Characteristics & Impact of various dimension of Shots
  • Composition & Rule of one third
  • Operation & Camera Movements
  • Classroom practical by each participant with professional Full HD Camera

The production of a one minute, Mise-en-scene/single shot film by each participant (Student Exercise)

Day - 3
The Script-I

(Professional Assessment of first film produced by each participant)

  • Where to search for an interesting idea
  • Essential elements of any story telling
  • Understanding the evolution of language of Cinema
  • How to condense real-time in reel-time
  • Screening of a South African Film

Working out a story idea for production of final film to be produce by participants (Student Exercise)

Day - 4
The Script-II

(Professional Assessment of the story ideas submitted by each participants)

  • Stages of Script development
  • Characterization & Dialogue Treatment
  • Manipulation of Time while Script writing
  • Selection of a Theme: a strong & unifying element
  • Screening of a Bollywood flick to illustrate the devises used by writer to manipulate time

Working out the one line Scene breakups for the idea discussed in the classroom (Student Exercise)

Day - 5
The Script-III

(Professional Assessment of the one line Scene breakups developed by each participant)

  • Cinema Verite: Documentary films
  • Essence of Documentary Scripting
  • Format to write Script for Documentary/Ad film
  • Screening of a Polish Film directed by master of World Cinema

The Production of multi-shot 3 minutes long Observational Film by each participant (Student Exercise)

Day - 6
The Production

(Professional Assessment of multi shot Observational Film made by each participant)

  • Production Designing
  • Overall Style of the film
  • Process of Preparation for production
  • Importance of Pre-production
  • Film & Finance
  • Knowledge of budgeting & artistic discipline
  • Scheduling the shooting order
  • Shooting ratio
  • To study making of a popular Hindi movie to appreciate its Production planning

Drafting a Screenplay & Production Plan for the final film to be produced by each participant group (Student Exercise - must be submitted within 7 days)

The curriculum for Foundation Program is designed to give you a great view of what goes behind the camera. To ensure you are truly enabled with expertise to appreciate cinema as an art form and can make your own low cost short films. The curriculum gives complete theoretical insights as well as hands-on practical experiences to the students.

During the workshop, each student makes a series of exercise films. This takes you through the entire process of filmmaking. Your work is constantly assessed and criticized by our faculty who are industry professionals. The student applies the experience gained through this process to the next exercise, and the learning process continues.

During short tenure of the course - you will write, shoot, direct & edit 4 short films independently and also assist others in their productions.

Here is an in-depth breakdown of course module to give you a sense of what a typical day in the life of our Filmmaking Foundation Program student is like.

More details of Course Curriculum of Day 7 to 12
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Students at IMI
I remember the day when my friend informed me about the IMI Filmmaking Foundation program. I had a big doubt- what can be learnt in 12 days session. Though I had assisted in a film, I was not fully aware with all the theoretical and practical aspects of film production. So I joined the course. At IMI, I got really astonished from the day one. I had started getting the knowledge which I was exactly looking for. I got hands on experience by making my four exercise films which filled me with confidence. Here I realized that films are like building. Making of any beautiful film requires lots and lots of planning, patient and manpower.
Samir Parmar,
Architect / Documentary film maker

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