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Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

The curriculum of the Filmmaking Diploma course is identical to that of the first two semesters of our Advanced Diploma Program.

IMI mission is to inspire students with the experience and knowledge they need to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Our course content is geared around delivering multi-skilled and well rounded people in the industry. The components of the course include the technique of story telling through Screenplay writing, Directing, Cinematography & Editing. From the first day of the class, students are behind the camera. Students will learn about and explore the numerous visual, dramatic and technical challenges that directors face.

The program equips students with artistic and technical knowledge of filmmaking, while giving them the opportunity to develop their creative talent through tightly scheduled film exercises, placing them under same strict time constraints they will encounter in the professional world and thus, teaching them discipline and efficiency.

Semester One - A Foundation in Filmmaking

The first semester is dedicated to the principle of learning how to think an idea as images. The centre of the term is the film exercises, which provide the platform for basic teaching in camera skills, exposure control and lenses, practical on Sony Full HD PMW-300 Camera and Canon C-500 Camera, sound recording exercises and editing on Avid Xpress Pro.

In parallel, you will learn film theory and its grammar, story construction, stages of script development, directing syntax, shot breakdown, visual continuity and production designing through lectures, extensive hands-on workshops and immediate directing experience.
For us, learning by doing means requiring each student to make a series of short films.

This takes them through the entire process of filmmaking. Their work is constantly assessed critically by their teachers who are industry professionals. The student applies the experience gained through this process to the next project, and the learning process continues.

Students work in units of five with each student works on 10 film projects, 4 of which he or she directs him or herself on series of assigned topics.

These film exercises serve as a practice and foundation for more complex and ambitious group projects in the second semester where students take all the aesthetic decisions, solving problems similar to those faced by professional units.

Semester Two - Advanced Techniques

In second semester, the requirements and expectations from students are very high. There are an important series of directing actor workshops and working with actors is a major component of these. Students will have to cast and work with professional actors for their projects. They will also have to practice basic production management skills: organizing location permissions, securing props and costumes.

Their aesthetic, technical and craft skills of filmmaking techniques are further honed in the core areas- developing drama script, sequence construction, shooting strategies, theory & practical for location & indoor lighting, camera operation, recording sync sound on location, different editing style, laying multiple sound tracks and sound mixing- drawing upon a rich pool of international and national award winning films crossing themes and genres i.e. drama, comedy, thrillers & Television Serials.

By the end of two semesters, students finish close to 20 short films, 8 of which are independent projects. This is in parallel and intersecting with the classes which cover theory and filming strategies.

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Students at IMI
Before I joined IMI, as a layman I thought I knew film and understood filmmaking. How few weeks can change that perception of cinema is to be seen to be believed. The Institute of Moving Images has taught me different aspects of filmmaking- Scripting, Production, Direction, Cinematography & Editing. But more importantly it has taught me to observe my life in a new light. It has brought discipline and a more structured way of thinking and execution. IMI has helped me find myself.
Vijay Sanap,
Architect / Filmmaking Student

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