Institute of Moving images - the Film School
Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

Classes are held five days a week
10AM to 5PM - Classroom instructions and screening.

Students are expected to work additional hours daily, outside the normal teaching hours including on weekends for on-location shooting or editing exercise.
Start your entertainment career in just one year

Becoming a professional filmmaker requires a sophisticated understanding of storytelling, as well as knowledge of the film and television industry. It demands concentrated study. But longer you spend in any film school to learn the art of filmmaking, the more it costs you: not only in tuition but also living expenses and lost wages.

Institute of Moving Images has dedicated itself to create fast track, One Year Diploma programs that achieve or surpass the outcome of much longer programs. It is essentially designed for a new generation of filmmakers who want to learn not only how to write a script, operate a camera, light a scene, direct or edit a film, but they also want to learn how all the aspects of filmmaking relate to, interact with and depend upon each other. Our unique educational model balances theory and hands-on production so that, after just one year, you are prepared to launch your dream career.

Currently, Institute of Moving Images offers two Diploma programs:

Our One Year Diploma Filmmaking is a vocational multi-disciplinary course, specializing in short narrative fiction filmmaking for Television. There is also wide range of classes supporting the non-fiction productions as well.

For the creatively vigilant and social minded, our six month long intensive Certificate course on Documentary Filmmaking offers huge creative challenge and provides an opportunity to dive right in to this cutting-edge art form through hands-on experience in documentary filmmaking. For students with little or no documentary filmmaking experience, this course provides a comprehensive and in depth study of the subject. They learn not only the documentary history but get to know the research technique, how to write a documentary script, operate camera or edit a film. They learn how all the aspects of filmmaking relate to, interact with, and depend upon each other.

Whether you enroll in our Fiction filmmaking or Documentary filmmaking Diploma program, in one year you receive a rigorous and comprehensive education in filmmaking or documentary filmmaking through lectures, extensive hands-on workshops and immediate directing experience. At IMI, from the first day of the class, students are behind the camera. Our each term, each week, each day is filled with learning by doing.

  • One Year / Five days a week
  • Diploma program- total 1100 hrs of tuition
  • Vocational multi-disciplinary course
  • Filmmaking Diploma program recommended for practical training in Filmmaking
  • Documentary Diploma program should appeal to creatively vigilant and social minded
  • Comprehensive & rigorous education
  • Fast paced, intensive learning
  • Small group with excellent tutor-student ratio
  • Average 15 students
  • No prior experience of filmmaking required
  • Practical training by industry professionals in all key discipline of Filmmaking process
  • Each student works on close to 20 films projects
  • Sony Full HD PXW-FS7 for camera work
  • Editing experience on non linear AVID Xpress Pro & FCP X
  • Independently makes 8 short films/documentaries and crewing in 15 other films in supporting roles
  • Professional assessment and feedback
  • The final Diploma film on Sony broadcast level PMW-300 Camera and Documentary on HD Camcorder.
  • Post production on Final Cut Pro
  • On successful completion of course, a Diploma & demo-reel of final film are awarded
  • Selected films/documentaries submitted to festivals
  • Work experience opportunities on IMI Advanced Diploma students films
  • Students gain fast track entry for Assistants jobs in the entertainment industry
  • Builds a strong foundation for working way up in the Film & TV industry
  • Opening in TV channels for Filmmaking Fiction students as in-house creative/production team
  • Documentary students start full time independent career
  • Documentary students also get employed as an assistant producer in News Channel or as an assistant in Reality Television

For us, learning by doing means requiring each student to make a series of short films or documentaries with latest equipment. This takes them through the entire process of filmmaking. Their work is constantly assessed critically by our faculty who are award winning and established industry professionals and teach students how to succeed in this competitive field since they know better how the film industry works. The student applies the experience gained through constructive discussion with them in their next project and the learning process continues.

By the end of two semesters, students work on close to 20 professional-quality films as crew members and 8 films independently. This is in parallel and intersecting with the classes which cover theory and filming strategies. Every student at IMI leaves with a demo reel, the ultimate calling cards along with proper Diploma in accordance with industry expectations.

Institute of Moving Images One Year Diploma program makes students better prepared to seize the opportunities when they arises, ahead of those with theoretical knowledge but no practical experience. It is also what makes an IMI education perfect for students who want to build strong foundation before starting a full time career in the Film & Television industry but do not have a lot of time to spend in school as their time has a financial value.

Students at IMI
Cinema has always been magic for me and I always wanted to know how they do it. In pursuit of which, I learnt animation, but was still trying to figure out the way to make my own film. Then I came to know about IMI from a friend. I joined in, mentally prepared that it won't be of 'real help'. But that was not the outcome. IMI helped me understand the very structural aspects of filmmaking, which I thought I knew. I knew camera, but not the shots. I knew editing-software but not the editing principles. I knew the script but not scene detailing/shot division /continuity. Now I'm not disappointed why I could not make my earlier film; as it would have been half baked cookie. Thanks to IMI, today I'm a professional working in the industry's top notch production house
Rangesh Sharma,
Assistant Director

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