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Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

At the Institute of Moving Images, we teach the art, craft and commerce of Filmmaking based on modern and balanced curriculum, class room instructions, hands-on practical exercises, actual filmmaking and industry experiences. Our course content has ingrained the best ideas and elements from the top film school of the world and adapted them to be relevant to our Film & Television industry.

In the creation of our curriculum, we closely worked with our faculty of high profile, working professionals from the Film & TV industry who teach students how to succeed in this competitive field since they know better how the entertainment industry works. They bring the real-world experience you rarely find in tenures academicians, who are just too far removed from the real world to help emerging artistes to succeed. In many programs, class time-table are scheduled around faculty members who are working on major productions during the day. Sometime, they come to the class straight from their movie set. They share their expert knowledge and technique to help prepare you for a variety of careers in the world of cinema.

Currently, IMI offers the following industry approved programs:

All our programs balance the study of the art form of filmmaking with practical experience. We believe the best way to learn Filmmaking is by actually making films. Traditional film courses often delay the moment when students get their hands on the cameras and actually make movies. But in our programs, you will learn by doing practical from day one. Here, you will learn by making your own films in hands-on, intensive programs. Whatever program you choose- whether you enroll in 18 Months intensive Advanced Diploma or in One Year Diploma course or in Short-Term Filmmaking Foundation Certificate Program , students put their hand on camera from first day of class.

Our students have a unique advantage over those graduates who have focused knowledge in only one area. At IMI, we believe that whatever field you end up working in the movie business, an appreciation of the nuts and bolts of all the key roles in filmmaking is crucial to success in any discipline you eventually pursue as a career. After you move into professional world, you should not be lost in a maze of terms while discussing any aspects of film.

During the initial phase of all our programs, we take students through the complete filmmaking process of writing, directing, lighting, editing and sound recording at a serious level, on digital technology and practically teach them all what it takes to translate an idea on to a screen and later during concentrated specialization in their chosen disciplines; students master the craft of film-making on latest film technology.

By the time you complete your course, you will have made more films than many film students make in two years.

Our student film exercises and projects are tightly scheduled, placing you under the same strict time constraints you will encounter in the professional world, teaching you discipline and efficiency. Thus intense nature of our program prepares students to be down to earth performers, who continuously learn from hands-on experience, trial and error, feedback and correction, and questions and answers; which enhance their creative skill to the fullest extent possible.

Students creative abilities are mobilized & developed by multiple approaches

At Institute of Moving Images, we believe that Film-making is one of the most team intensive industries around. If you cannot communicate, cooperate and lead, you're certainly going to struggle in the film industry where you need everyone around you. Collaboration is crucial to filmmaking, and in keeping with this, our programs are designed to enhance students personality and ability to enroll people around him and be a great performer in good team spirit.

When not occupied with your own film exercises, you will join other projects as crew member and work as a first assistant director or costume & continuity director or production manager or assistant cameraperson or sound recordist or assistant editor, resulting in a constant rotation of excitement and collaboration. Students continuously learn from each other and also from the immense range of practical and aesthetic problems the different films offer.

At IMI, students creative abilities are further mobilized and developed by multiple approaches. As an integrated part of our curriculum, in addition to a regular interactive session with noted filmmakers and celebrity technicians, a broad spectrum of guest lecturers and speakers from a variety of backgrounds are also regularly invited to our campus, which not only provides students the opportunity to round out their education in cinema, it also exposes students to academics and specialists from diverse fields. Our program aims to provide students an environment for in-depth aesthetic development in order to foster their overall intellectual growth by direct interaction with sociologists, economists, political analysts, management experts, psychologists, human-rights activists, advertising professionals, painters, writers, poets, musicians & theatre personalities.

An exposure to real world of Filmmaking

In addition to technical studies, our Advanced Diploma and Diploma students are also required to complete a separate internship program which exposes them to realities of the industry and allows to experience and contribute to the professional world of film making. The program is designed to endow them with real world skills, experience within the industry, team work, business and industry etiquette which are essential commodities for the upcoming filmmakers of tomorrow. The internship program eventually helps them to forge relationships and build their network of contacts before entering into the real world of film business.

Job Assistance

The Institute of Moving Images has already established its credibility with industry professionals. The films produced by our students are as good and in some respects better than many of the more high profile film schools in India. We are regularly approached by big production houses to send them our trained students for recruitment in their films and television serials. Our advisors help students and alumni navigate through the entertainment industry and work to prepare them for contact with potential employers and assist in securing that all important first project, assignment or job.

We also have a dedicated Job board on this website wherein industry jobs are regularly posted by reputed production houses for paid and unpaid work which our students and alumni can search for themselves.

On the strength of the IMI Diploma and Certificate and show-reel of their final films, many of our alumni are gainfully employed in prestigious Production houses like Phantom Films, Reliance Media Works, Yashraj Films, Balaji Telefilm, Percept Pictures Company, Rajshri Productions, ZEE TV, NDTV, TV 18, UTV, Filmaka, Lintas Advertising, Red Ice Production, Arbaaz Khan Production, Nagesh Kuknoor Films, Sujoy Ghosh Production, Kabir Khan Films, Rajat Dholakia Productions, 360 Degree Entertainment, Times Now, News24, Pixion Ltd., Prime Focus, and some joined as Assistant Directors with film makers like Anurag Kashyab, Kabir Khan and Sujoy Ghosh.

Institute of Moving Images program truly empowers you to be a technically thoughtful and aesthetically sensitive film professional, ready to enter the entertainment industry with right skills, attitude & confidence.
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Students at IMI
With a huge responsibility to carry the film legacy of my grand father- legendary Guru Dutt, I joined the Institute of Moving Images. Amazing thing about this film school is that it encourages its students to make mistakes and gives them space and time to find their own style. IMI does not dampen student's enthusiasm with rules and technicalities of filmmaking; and yet put them through the rigour and effort needed to learn necessary skills. Today I'm confidently working in the direction team of Anurag Kashyap.
Karuna Dutt

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