Institute of Moving images - the Film School
Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

For our various programs, students are inducted from much different cultural backgrounds, thus IMI student body makes for an interesting bunch.

Our all courses are demanding - Advanced Diploma, Diploma or Foundation Certificate Programs; structured hand-in-hand to go with production assignments. You are encouraged to shoot all the time. Everyone takes part. The final edits are screened; students get feedback for their mistakes from tutors, from classmates and see how others managed to make their films.

Whatever is your level, you get better quickly. Gradually you develop your creative talent through production of series of tightly scheduled film projects of increasingly sophisticated and more complex in their ambitions; working on up to thirty productions during the full tenure of the Advanced Diploma or twenty short films in Diploma course, keeps you busy.
After the lectures in the classroom, you will find the students in the studio; chugging coffee in between their edits, sipping it slowly while down loading music for their film, chatting, watching films and music videos. On the beautiful open terrace of the studio; fellow student filmmakers chatting about the last shoot. The combination of non-stop collaborative work, diverse cultures and experiences, and shared passion for film make our programs intensely enriching experience. Students forge bonds, both professional and personal, that often extend beyond the film school.
At the end of every long day, you will always find some one to go with for a well deserved outing. The night life scene at Pune is simply rocking - from musical concerts, late night restaurants, jazz bars, trendy clubs and pretty cafes to cinema multiplexes & play theatres. There is a lot going on.
Because it is relatively small size, in IMI everyone knows everyone. It is possible to be as friendly with the faculty or staff as with the students. Almost every student of IMI lives in self arranged accommodation and there are many parties, especially after every big production.

Since professional production units regularly keep coming from all over India to shoot in the city. You can always introduce yourself to a visiting production unit shooting a commercial or a film in the city and get to know more about their professional equipment or practices.

Everything just depends on how you choose to use your time.
Students at IMI
They say that if you are having fun, you are learning. My experience at IMI has been absolutely wonderful. I have learnt a lot, not about everything that goes into making a film but also working in a group, with people who are almost complete strangers. I learnt that to make a good film, good teamwork and discipline are essential as well as proper delegation of work
Lisa Rodrigues,

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