Institute of Moving images - the Film School
Admissions open for fulltime Advanced Diploma & Diploma courses. Last date for Registration: 7th May, 2016 

IMI is characterized by its intimate environment, accepting a maximum of 80 to 100 students in total for its 18 months long Advanced Diploma and One Year Diploma programs. This lends a particular intimacy to the educational and filmmaking experience, promoting work relations with teachers & students and affording easy access to film-making facilities and red-tape free working environment.

The facilities at IMI incorporate the latest in production and post-production technology into a state-of-the-art film curriculum that is like no other. Additionally, the Institute of Moving Images features many in-house facilities needed by busy film students - including a DVD/Blu-ray and book library, an in-house studio, a sound booth and even a cafe for a refreshing break from a hard day of shooting.

Lecture Hall

Technically this is a large classroom in new M.A. building of the university with all basic needs of student film maker. But they are not really basic. They are equipped with a sharp projector and retractable video screen, digital surround sound for lectures involving film theories, software and equipment demonstration.

At some point during the process of learning to become a film maker, you are going to watch many movies - be it classics or popular cinema. You will learn here about film by watching films. You will examine what the established directors and cinematographers have done, and then discuss the choices they had made. You will examine script element and point out continuity errors. You will do it all with great sound and picture quality that screening at this classroom has to offer. Sound like a pretty good day at the film school, doesn't it?

In-house Studio

At IMI, students are not just lost in large classroom and sprawling campus. Our compact in-house studio lends a particular intimacy to promote close work relationship among all students and nurture a supportive, positive atmosphere conducive to the level of collaboration required to make a great film.

Our Equipment room, Editing Studio, Library, Production Office and Student Cafeteria are all housed under one roof, affording easy access to film-making facilities for the educational and filmmaking experience in absolutely red-tape free working environment. If you need latest cutting edge equipment for your production, used in many professional film & television productions throughout the world, this is where you will find them. Just fill out the paperwork, check out your gear and start making movies.

Equipment Room

The Equipment Room contains all the equipment available for student check-out, particularly Sony full HD 4K 35mm camera, mounting equipment, lighting and grip gear, and sound equipment and a selection of top-of-the-line professional microphones with accompanying location sound accessories.

The IMI currently has latest Arri 4K 35mm Alexa XT Studio and 5K RED Epic including Matte box kit, filters and lenses.
Our innovative Video Production equipment includes popular Full HD Canon C-500, Sony PMW-300 HD Camcorder and Sony PXW-FS7 Camera as the production workhorse. These units are accessorized with manual film-type lenses, advanced mounting and stabilizing apparatus, cinema filters, Skateboard dollies/tracks and professional audio interfacing. This unique camera package offers a much wider range of professional quality & creative choices to the student filmmaker.
Lighting kits include a range of Dedolights, RH, Arri 650's - 5 K's, standard red head and blond kits, flags, scrims, sand bags, reflectors, gels and stands.
Our sound equipment includes a state of the art TASCAM HD-P2, portable stereo audio recorder & field mixers, a Fostex PD-4 DAT machine, latest cordless & boom microphones.

Editing Suites

The editing equipment our students use is comparable to that of leading film schools in India provide for the production of their student films. We have comprehensive non-linear editing facilities including the workstation for Final Cut Pro HD on Apple iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch) and separate workstations for AVID Media Composer equipped with DSR 11, fire-wire drives, CD and DVD decks. All show-reel or completed work can be exported on DVD to broadcast quality standard.

Film Screening

The Institute of Moving Images has complete screening facilities. The DVD and Blu-ray playback are on offer in main lecture room. The IMI also invites industry professionals to attend the school screenings and lead question and answer sessions with the students. Apart from daily film screening at IMI, all our students can access regular screening at the National Film Archive of India, which is just 5 minute walk. The NFA has more than 15000 world classics in its collection. The screening of students' final projects are also held there to provide a unique opportunity for the press, family and friends to see the work students have produced.


The library keeps and documents the Institute's productions and also produces their video copies. The library consists of core texts relating to every aspect of filmmaking and the film industry as well as areas that may provide background knowledge relevant to filmmaking. The library also subscribes to many journals, periodicals and trade magazines. It also houses a collection of important films and television series on Blu-ray, DVD, music and Sound Effect CDs, film scripts, directories, catalogues and manuals. The private viewing facilities and music booth are also available to students. In addition to our in-house facilities, IMI students can also access the library of National Film Archive of India which houses more than 20,000 books on film study for reference.

Production Office

The student production office is equipped with PC computers with Internet access. Software includes MS Office, Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling and Final Draft.

Student Cafeteria

The IMI has a privately run cafeteria, overlooking the green Fergusson Hill. It remains open throughout the day and evening, offering a welcoming and social atmosphere where students can meet & relax. It serves a variety of snacks, sandwiches and hot coffee.

Students at IMI
I think the Institute of Moving Images is the only film school in India that gives such a high level of understanding and in-depth knowledge on business of Film Production at such an affordable fee. It has been a tremendous journey and eye opener for me. One of the best courses I have ever done, just loved it. Now I am working in the industry and getting ready to make my own feature film.
Amit Kataria, B.E.
Line Producer,
Anil Kapoor Productions

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