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IMI recommended best 100 films of World
Cinema, you must watch
Katha – A Fable, less known

In the year 1983, Coolie grossed millions riding on the sympathy wave generated by Amitabh Bachchan’s injury during its shoot. 1983 also saw Jeetendra dancing Tathaiya Tathaiya Ho all the way to the bank for his Himmatwala. In that same year, a little known gem also released; a gem called Katha directed by Sai Paranjape….

The Artist enthralls

The Artist beautifully etches the trajectories of two individuals.


Watching Aiyya was like eating a Marathi missal with South Indian dosa, they taste good separately but together… Nahhh.

The mute button of TV remote control finally found its utility, when parents would embarrassingly use it, to avoid kids listening to them.

This was perhaps one of those dreams…..I sat , thinking to myself – “Lagta nahin hai dil mera ujade dayar mein”. I was missing my idol, my God, Mohd. Rafi.

The other day I happened to try and list out Rafi Saab’s songs alphabetically by picking up Only 1 song beginning with each of the alphabets.

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